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Career Counselling Session By Dr. Aruna Broota On 11th November,2017


Dr. Aruna Broota

Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and Alchemist Trained psychologist, acclaimed mental health expert, revered people-transformation expert and a highly sought after employee engagement expert with world’s leading corporate conglomerates, schools, colleges as her clients. Dr Aruna Broota has over 4 decades of wow work equity. Her numerous scientific research breakthroughs, ongoing popular publications, well attended group motivation/training sessions, regular public counseling over radio, TV and print media and successful individual counseling practice makes her a uniquely experienced ‘Mind-Muscle, Personal Power’ expert whose vast success-experience continues to get better as she strives to help people become happy and better in simple, common sense ways. Driven by her life mission of unlocking the many secrets of mind-transformation and demystifying everyday success-paths.

As our Education Social responsibility initiative, we have established school engagement cell to provide hand holding in various aspects of our expertise which can be rendered to the schools.

We are please to invite you on 11th November’17, 10:00 am onwards for the career counseling from Dr. Aruna Broota
Venue- IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus
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