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Excel by Financial Modelling Center (FMC)

Financial Modelling Center ("FMC") is a firm focused on serving the comprehensive needs of corporate world and leveraging the experience of the seasoned industry professionals. FMC is not just another training institute but an initiative by industry experts to provide high quality and cost effective training which is the right mix of practical and theoretical aspects of financial industry. Working with various financial institutions, KPO's, investment banks have given FMC insight into the expectation of the corporate world.
Mr. Sumit Raisinghani along with his FMC team helped MIB students to understand excel and emphasized the importance of excel in the corporate world. The objective of this workshop was to give each student a perspective on the importance of acquiring technical skill set such as "Excel Proficiency".
Irrespective of any domain, the knowledge of Excel not only will increase your efficiency/productivity, it will make you stand out and will give you visibility. The FMC team conducted a small excel test in order to know students current level and how to improve further. It was good to see that there was zeal to learn and completing the test was commendable. The team has also shared the important functions of excel and short cut functions keys which are frequently used in the industry.