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Workshop on Advanced Molecular Techniques

School of Biosciences, IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus, in collaboration with Hi-Media is organizing a workshop on "Advanced Molecular Techniques" from 12-13th February 2018.

Molecular biology is a branch of science concerning biological activity at the molecular level. The field of molecular biology overlaps with biology and chemistry and in particular, genetics and biochemistry. A key area of molecular biology concerns understanding how various cellular systems interact in terms of the way DNA, RNA and protein synthesis function. This 2-day workshop on advanced molecular techniques offers a learning opportunity along with hands on experience and interactive session with industry experts from Hi-Media.

Hi-Media is one of the world leaders in Microbiology. With a presence in more than 140 countries this company manufactures high quality scientific products in Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Animal Cell Culture & Plant Tissue Culture which has over the years created a rich portfolio of exemplar quality products.

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