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Literary Club - Anaphora

Job of writing and literature is to encourage each one of us to believe that we are living in a fairy world.
Literary Club @ IMSUC Ghaziabad was formed to enhance critical thinking, reading and writing skills of the Students. The club aims to foster a love for language, enhance literary creativity and provide an avenue for self-expression beyond the university curriculum. The main aim of the club is break the stage fear among the Students and to enhance their thought and speech through group discussion and interactive sessions. The club has initiated events like IMSUC SLAM (Poetry Presentation) and is willing to organize events like GRAFITTI (Bulletin Board), IMSUC Talk , Literary Circles and Art in the Article to enhance reading and writing skills of Students.

Events / Activities organized
Event / Activity
About Event
Spark your Muse 21-2-2018 All Departments In this event student from all programs have participated enthusiastically and displayed their passion for expressing emotions through "Poems, Shayaris and Stand-up comedy". read more...
TREASURE HUNT 20-09-2017
Graffiti 23-03-2017
SLAM by Literary Club
Expo Your Scribbling Knack 9 Nov 2017 All Departments

The event is an online competiotion where in students had to unvail their hidden writing talent and post their stories / write-ups on the facebook page.

Treasure Hunt 20 Sep 2017 All Departments

The event saw enthusiastic teams, filled with zest to find each and every clue after solving a Clue. The clues were strategically placed with the exploration of the college in mind. There was a lot of hustle and bustle with the teams trying to outwit each other

GRAFFITI 23 Mar 2017 All Departments

Bulletin Board Decoration

IMSUC SLAM 07 Nov 2016 All Departments

Poetry Presentation

Faculty / Student Coordinators
Faculty Co-ordinator:Dr. Deepa Goel
Ms. Akansha Tyagi
PresidentMr. Akshit Pundhir
Vice President Mr. Divansh Gill
Secretary Ms. Namarata Gupta
Joint Secretary Mr. Sarthak Garg
MembersMs. Rajni Bhati
Ms. Namita Murya
Ms. Samantha Gupta
Ms. Nisha Kumari
Ms. Mani
Mr. Puspanker
Mr. Dhruv Dixit