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Workshop on Photoshop

IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus organized a one day workshop on Photoshop on 23 February 2018. The workshop was organized for the students of BJMC by Mr. Sushil Kumar Rana the resource person.
The workshop started with volunteers teaching the students the basics of Photoshop. They were all given the handouts of the topics covered. They were taught with the basics at first: editing and resizing the pictures and then moved to the usage of advanced tools. Students were familiarize with the selection tool ,move tool, lasso tool, magic wand etc.
Even after the tiring and hectic day, students displayed huge and appreciative amount of enthusiasm towards the workshop which just shows that the power of the thirst for learning beats everything else. Students left no effort in asking questions regarding the Photoshop and Mr. Rana answered all the queries thereby satisfying their learners. Halfway through the workshop, activities were in full swing.Participants were moving on to unravel the mystery behind the megnatic tool.The time passed by with the learnig process in the air and by 5'O clock, participants were left on their own and asked to make use of their imagination and creativity.
The workshop covered the topics such as Menu Bars, Tools, Layers, Swatches, RGB HSI CMY Color models and its uses, Custom Based Brushes, Blend Modes, Content Aware Tools, Feathering, Cloning, Lens Flare, Liquefaction of Images, Text Usage and Types, Shapes and 3D Rendering. It also included a special feature on LIGHTROOM that contains Improvement Cropping and Histogram analysis. This workshop was organized under the guidance of Prof. Shrikant Asthana (HOD BJMC), all faculty members of BJMC were present there. Overall it was a great learning experience for budding creative graphic designers.