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The session was conducted by Mr. Achal Rangaswamy, a versatile and highly successful Sales and Marketing professional having over 3 decades of Experience out of which over 2 decades have been in the capacity of an in house as well as External trainer, facilitator and 'COACH' to thousands of very effective and successful sales professional's PAN India and even abroad.
The Session was all about Time management and Managing Stress. Mr. Rangaswamy talked about 4 Mantras i.e. Get up early, do workout, have food and finally Know yourself and your customer (as a salesman). And for Stress Management, Mr. Rangaswamy insist that stress is important to work because if we deviate stress from our life then it may result in carelessness so, for that alertness one need to know how to manage stress and go for vacations, day off, bring out some time for yourself or get away from mobiles. The word which is most important to remain Happy in life which is the ultimate goal. Find some simplicity because the simpler you're thought the more you derive out from Complex situations or dilemma.
He exquisitely portrayed the JOY OF SELLING' and 'TRUTHS OF LIFE'. And also made student's familiar with different types of personalities around the world. He talked about stress management and suggest to prepare a diary and list all work that one want to do and also suggest some easy methods to manage the time, where in one perfect way is to "Schedule your priorities" not "Prioritize your schedule". The session came to an end with his saying that there is no set formula for success in anything; you got to play each ball as it comes but with different perspective.
It was indeed a pleasure to get a chance to hear such a personality who made it very easy for students like us to understand the 'THE REAL WORLD' and get ready for the challenges to be faced in future