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Corporate Address

Dear Recruiters,

I take this opportunity to invite you to the Placement Program at IMS Adhyatmik Nagar campus, Ghaziabad. The campus is dedicated in inspiring young budding managers to excel in the areas of management, international business, computer applications, journalism and bio-sciences.

The institute has a vision to impart quality education to the aspirants of tomorrow. They undergo a dedicated training in a disciplined environment that teaches them values of self-discipline, team-work, quality and striving for excellence that are needed by the industry today.

The time comes again for us to expose the best minds we have, to the outer corporate world. I assure you that your expectations will not just be met, but will be surpassed. The student mix in the batch is selected after careful analysis of their technical and soft skills. The curriculum here has been dynamically aligned to the needs and aspirations of the industry to ensure that students not just imbibe academic concepts but develop the analytical and decision-making skills to be the leaders in the ever-changing world of business.

IMS has been dedicated to provide best intellectual capital and has maintained a legacy of more than two decades. We have tried to impart best quality education, innovative growth and excellence. But the student will not receive the right direction and growth without being exposed to the business world. For this we request you to give us a chance to showcase the talent that our students possess.

With regards and good wishes,

Dr. Sapna Rakesh
(IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus)