Indian subcontinent is known for its glorious past in knowledge dissemination and International Business Relations. Over the period of time the pace of globalization has shown a decline in colonial period. Yet again, it is the buzz word since the introduction of Digital era which today is the most promising business weapons riding on digital/Internet platform. The world is coming closer and no country can isolate itself from world economy. Contemporary Business Practices need to be enriched to meet the aspiration of customer and society to achieve inclusive and sustainable development.

Our Objectives

    The seminar aims to provide opportunities for academicians, researchers, corporate executives and specially students to share, learn and contribute to the discussion on:
  • To discuss the latest developments in the fields of Business and Management
  • To provide an interactive forum for the discussion of various issues concerning strategies for managing VUCA and enhance productivity
  • To communicate and discuss various research findings and innovations in the areas including Social media and big data analytics, Mobile communication, mobile & cloud applications and distributed systems
  • The seminar will help in bringing together the research scholar, academicians and industry practitioners to meet, discuss, exchange views and experiences and encourage collaborative research on various critical issues related to seminar themes.

The Speakers

More than 10 Speakers of International repute from Industry and Academia are invited to facilitate various technical sessions and panel discussions.

The Participants

    More than 100 participant delegates and research paper presenters will enrich the Seminar with their views. The profile of the participants would be as follows:
  • Directors, Deans, faculty members, research scholars and promoters of management institutes and universities
  • Senior executives from corporate, government and private institutions dealing with higher education,
  • Research Scholar and students from premier institutes.


November 25th

IMS Ghaziabad
University Courses Campus

Organized by
Management Department

before 18th Nov,2017

Seminar Details

Seminar Location

IMS Ghaziabad
University Courses Campus
Phone: +919968393649
website: www.imsuc.ac.in
Email: seminar@imsuc.ac.in