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The Mathematics club of IMS Ghaziabad, aims to eliminate the fear of Mathematics amongst the students. It plays an important role in motivating the students to learn mathematics with interest and involvement and develop techniques for critical and logical thinking. It intend to celebrate the glory of Mathematics, a “subject” that is truly omnipresent throughout the universe.

Events / Activities organized
Event/Activity Date Participants Description
Treasure Hunt 05 May 2017 All programs Each team was given a questions of mathematics. After giving the correctanswer of that question they were given a clue of the place where they were getting the next question.The team who got all the clues first,was the winner.
Just a minute to do it 16 Feb 2017 All Programs Interesting activities of one minute each were conducted for BBA and BCA students. The team who had a maximum score at the end was the winner.’Blow, burst and solve’,’Dumbsharads’ were the major attraction amongst the students.
Mathematics Race 19 Nov 2016 All Programs 12 teams were selected for the activity,each consisting of 5 members.There were 5 rounds.Each member of the team had to clear the round so that the team could proceed further.The team which cleared all the rounds with maximum score was the winner.
Mathematical Tambola 21 Sep 2016 All Programs Each participant was given a Tambola ticket.Numbers in the form of mathematical questions were announced. The participant with all the numbers of the ticket marked first was the winner.

Upcoming Events
Event/Activity Proposed Date Participants Description
Mathematics Quiz Yet to Finalized All Programs Quiz Competiotion based on Mathematical formulas
Chess & Dice Yet to be finalized All Programs ---

Faculty / Student Coordinators
Faculty Co-ordinator:Ms. Divya Chibber
Mr. Abhishek Mishra
PresidentMs. Soumya Grover
Secretary Ms. Komal Garg
Joint Secretary Mr. Mohit Singh
MembersMs. Kriti Jain
Mr. Sachin
Mr. Naman
Ms. Nivedita Singh
Ms. Shefali Sharma
Ms. Meghna Tomar
Ms. Sneha Chauhan
Mr. Shreyansh Kohli
Mr. Atin Khajuria