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Bio- Sciences Club

Bionics club aims to aware students about the current research and debates related to biotechnology & Microbiology and help to realize their true potential. We aim to translate latest research in these fields through activities based learning so that students can gain understanding and in depth knowledge with great enthusiasm and keen interest. To promote this, we are building a growing community of students by organizing different events, workshops, seminars and inspiring them to bring their own innovative ideas to life. This club provides high academic understanding, enthusiasm and high interest in learning. We also encourage students from all discipline to explore the field of biotechnology & microbiology owing to its interdisciplinary nature. We have various activities such as slogan writing, poster making, scientific street play, fun social events, debate competition, seminars and workshops. These activities provide platform to the students to present latest discoveries through model and poster.

Events / Activities organized
Event/Activity Date Participants Description
Workshop on Pymol 6 Apr 2017 Biosciences Department Analysis and visualization of different macro molecules like protein, DNA ligands etc. using python molecular viewer.
National Science Day/ Seminar 28 Feb 2017 Biosciences Department Guest Lecture by OP Lal, retired head, dept. entomology IARI new Delhi, on “Integrated pest management for sustainable crop production”
Green Consumer Day/ Best out of Waste 28 Sep 2016 Intra-college To realize importance of environment, through the activity of Best out of waste, we focused primarily on awareness raising and the importance of recycling-reusing and reducing waste material.
World Ozone Day/ Poster Making 16 Sep 2016 Biosciences Department To make students aware about ozone layer and adverse effects of its depletion, Poster Making Competition was held.
International Youth Day/ Slogan Writing & Documentary 12 Aug 2016 Biosciences Department On the theme of “ Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production” we had played the documentary on “ Malnutrition”, highlighting its root causes and what potential measures can be taken against it.

Upcoming Events
Event/Activity Proposed Date Participants Description
Workshop on Cadd 12-13 Apr 2017 Biosciences Department Learning the process of drug discovery and computer aided drug designing using different software like autodock, vina and Mgl tools.
Guest lecture on IVF 18 Apr 2017 Biosciences Department Talk on in vitro fertilization.

Faculty / Student Coordinators
Faculty Co-ordinator:Ms. Saumya Arora
PresidentMs. Manisha Sirohi
Secretary Mr. Farman Khan
Joint Secretary Ms. Archita Singh
Members Ms. Akshama Bhardwaj
Ms. Manvi Kumar
Ms. Saomya Agarwal
Ms. Archika Gupta
Ms. Anjul Varshney
Ms. Bhavya Chaturvedi
Ms. Ria Puri
Ms. Shradha Bhardwaj
Mr. Zubair Siddique
Ms. Shivani Sharma